"Launching a successful business often means doing things differently, sometimes in ways that DEFY CONVENTIONAL WISDOM. As proof, look no further than these entrepreneurial mavericks and some eccentric ideas that paid off big."


From Obscurity To An Unlikely Comeback: How One Leader Turned A Failing Business Around

Eventup was just a shell of a company when Jayna Cooke stepped in and turned the business around.

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Events Management Software Company Gather Acquires Eventup Listings Marketplace

Crain's Chicago Business

"Lightbank protege Jayna Cooke named CEO of EVENTup."

Michigan Avenue Magazine

"Cooke is one of the shrewdest young business minds in Chicago..."

Groupons Risk of Traveling Salesman

Rolfe Winkler 

August 2012


One Of Groupon's Top Salespeople Has Left The Company

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